Beggar Team is a trace team lead by Kim Yun-seong. The name comes from the nickname given to him by Pierrot.


After finishing their first mission as Trace Circus, the group broke up and it's members went their separate ways. Kim Yun-seong was merely content to be a homeless man because the truth of government experimentation on Traces and their families got released to the media. When he found there was no mention of the attack of the Trace building Trace Circus attacked.

Reformed as the Beggar Team lead by Mr. Beggar but without Jeong Hee-sub. Team worked in missions towards the exposing the deadly government experiments on traces. Jin later brought in a team of assassins in training, the K4, to join the team.

After events in the Last Day, in which some of the members of Beggar Team play in important parts, the team has been accepting new traces. Although considered criminals, they have a truce with the government.



Members After Last DayEdit