Cha Mi-ri
Vital statistics
Name Cha Mi-ri
Species Trace
Aliases White Monster
Power Bunny
Group affiliation(s) Trace Circus
Beggar Team
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color White
Abilities Super Strength & Endurance
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Cha Mi-ri is a teenage trace with incredible strength and a always positive personality. She is the number one trouble maker in the Beggar Team and as such, Mi-ri is very implusive.

Mi-ri is the daughter of a politician and is often with her bodyguard nicknamed, "Mr. Zombie".


Mi-ri was recruited by Kim Yoonsung for the Trace Circus by the promise of fun and action and punting her bodyguard Mr. Zombie.

After the first and only mission with the Trace Circus, Mi-ri left the group. When the lack of news about the break in the Trace building. She decides to rejoin Soonsung and form the Beggar Team.