Dok Soo-ri
Trace dok soo ri
Vital statistics
Name Dok Soo-ri
Species Trace
Aliases Gray Talon
Group affiliation(s) K4
Beggar Team
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Abilities Trajectile Generation & Trajectory Manipulation
Weapons Throwing Glaive's
Further info
First appearance Episode 3, ch.2
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Dok Soo-ri A.K.A Gray Talon is the leader of the assassins group called K4, a group of C-grade killers who take on contract killings in Trace. He and his friends and partners are all big fans of the worlds most infamous killer in the world, Morrienoah Jin. Dok has a pretty flamboyant persona and is the most fanatical about Jin's legacy as the world's greatest killer Trace.

He's the team leader of the K4 guild in Trace, he's the most sensible yet most flamboyant of the team. He decides most if not all the plays made by the team.