Jeon Tae-soo
Jeon Tae Soo
Vital statistics
Name Jeon Tae-soo
Species Trace
Base of operations Hon jo
Group affiliation(s) Beggar Team, Hon jo
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Abilities Super Strength, Nigh Invulnerable, Metallic Skin Coating, Muscle Mass Enhancement, Carving Enhancement; Elbow Thrusters, Boosting Tubes, Enhanced Regeneration
Weapons Arm Blades, Forearm Cannons, Finger Pistols, Missile Launchers, Grenade Canisters,
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Jeon Tae-soo is a Trace sporting large metal arms with feeding pipes running through them giving him super strength, durability and enhanced size. He was forced to work with Han Jo to ensure his friends' safety. To that end the government tasked him with the tracking, drafting and termination of other Traces who refused integration into their army; a task which took him all around the world. After a near fatal encounter that ended in semi-stalemate with the Beggar Team, he Recently he had himself carved by the Damaged Sculptor Giving him enhanced powers and a plethora of deadly bodily grown armaments.