Jeong Hee-sub
Pierrot 01
Vital statistics
Name Jeong Hee-sub
Species Trace
Aliases Pierrot
Group affiliation(s) Trace Circus
Physical description
Gender Male
Abilities Phase through solid matter
Spatial Mimicry
Bio-Physical Disruption
Relatives Father (dead)
Sister (dead)
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Jeong Hee-sub is trace who first appeared in Trace.

Character Edit

Jeong Hee-sub is the Trace that created a team, informally named Trace Circus, to infiltrate the bank and destroy the secret Trace laboratory within. It was later shown that he knew the head scientist who did research on traces.

Story Edit

He was thought to be dead in Trace but he makes an appearance after reveling that he, like God's Virus, influencing events in the background.

In Trace 2.0, he's considered missing by the Beggar Team but was seen aiding The Swindelers for his own reasons.

In light of events during a human/trace peace gathering, Jeong hee-Sub gathered a crew of disillusioned traces dubbing them The Swindlers.

Using them in a host of surgical strikes against the normal police forces, he'd been actually scouting out a new trace who would be crucial to averting another calamity like with nooshilite.

Soon after both sides confrontation, Dumpilun from The Last Day event crossed over using the beacon stone etched in Armor Line's mark.

Having shrunk down his giant form to human size in order to begin his assault. Pierrot acts with him doubling as a spy to undermine his planes.

Power Edit

Jeong Hee-sub has the ability to phase though solid matter.