Jin port
Vital statistics
Name Jin
Species Trace
Aliases Mist Sniper/Morrienoah
Group affiliation(s) Beggar Team
Physical description
Gender Male
Abilities Can shoot bullets from his fingers, each digit fires different bullet.
Weapons interchangeable bullets; poisonous spray, tranquilizer, armor piercing, etc.
Trouble Transformation; Morphable rifle cannon right hand & Gatling gun turret left hand, recoil support anchor cords.
Relatives Jang-mi Rose
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Morrienoah Jin is a Trace who has the ability to shoot bullets out of his fingers. Each digit can shoot out a different kind of bullet. His right hand acts as a sniper rifle while his left hand is an automatic battle rifle.

Biography Edit

As a child, Jin was an emotionless trace who had ideals that 'The good should live, the bad should die', killing people who he deemed as bad. After coincidentally saving Morrie, he was raised by him to become a killer. He easily obtained the top title of Morrienoah that every killer wanted, being described as the perfect killer as he had no emotional weaknesses.

This changed when he received a bizarre contract to protect a girl named Jang-mi Rose for a month from a killer. Rose gradually changed his life and Jin fell in love with her as the deadline drew closer. Jin managed to kill the killer after her life, yet, she committed suicide in front of him shortly after. Turns out that Rose was one of children of his his victims' and swore revenge by giving him love and make him lose it. Despite all that, she truly did love Jin.

Jin was recruited into the 'Pierrot team' to infiltrate the facility much later in life.