Jin Do-rang
Jin Do Rang
Vital statistics
Name Jin Do-rang
Species Trace
Group affiliation(s) Beggar Team
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Abilities Superhuman Speed
Relatives mother (alive)
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A hapless school kid who was forbidden from running by his parental figure at an early age, ever since then he has been made fun of by most other kids in his grade at school because he couldn't. This deep seated order was so profound in his mind that he even failed to bolt away when a trouble came and attacked him and his friends; if not for the untimely arrival of Red Flintstone (Tae-eun's guise) he would have died. It wasn't long after that incident that his very home had been attacked by another trouble and his mother gave her life to protect his, she even went as far as to tell him to run, it was afterwhich he learned in a blinding rush that he was a natural born trace with superspeed. After some training with his friend on how to properly utilize his newfound power in the event of the last day when a host of kaiju like troubles backed by trouble enclaves would swarm the earth and wipe out humanity. He managed to keep away one of many hearts belonging to the colossal trouble's; Nurisildeh, away from it's source nearly losing his life in the process as he was being swarmed bladed effigy; the giant troubles sibling Shildidan summoned by it.