Jung Eun
Jung Eun
Vital statistics
Name Jung Eun
Species Trace
Group affiliation(s) Beggar Team
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Grey
Abilities Relocating Dimensional Tatoos
Trouble Symbiosis
Appendage Generation
Weapons Knives
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Character Edit

A high school student who's a Trace that has a Trouble stuck inside of her which she named Jung Kill as in "kill anything that goes against Jung". She has tattoos all over her body and she can use the tattoo as a medium to pull out the body parts of Jung Kill for combat. She can also hide weapons inside of the tattoos and pull it out when she needs them. Though she is inexperienced and young, she is able to fight near equally with a professional Trace Guard.

Story Edit

She first appeared as a highs school student who's curiously suspicious of Han Si-Hyun and his junkie like appearance. It was later revealed that the reason why she was curious about Han Si-Hyun is because the tattoos on her body randomly moves without her control when she is near Han. She later grew close to Han Si-Hyun and Sa-Rang after agreeing to help Han Si-Hyun with his experiment on Sa-Rang showing how her power works. At the end of the story, she joined Kim Yun-seong and his group.