Kim Gap-ho
Kim Gap Hoo
Vital statistics
Name Kim Gap-ho
Species Trace
Aliases Damage Sculptor
Group affiliation(s) Han jo (Formerly)
Physical description
Gender Male
Abilities Trace ability Enhancement
Relatives Kim Poong (son)
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Kim Gap-ho is a trace with the ability to enhance traces abilities in other traces. he chooses to live in seclusion outside of city limits, in a cabin deep within the woods spending most of his free time carving sculptures. Largely because he grew weary of all the traces who came to him for power ups, but every so often there are those who he'll carve just on gut instinct such as Kim Soo-Hyuk, to whom he gave the power of speech via carving, after his ability finally stabilized thanks to the procedure. As well as Jeon Tae-soo a forced member of Hon jo who was coerced under threat by the government much like himself to keep on they're working list. He even went and carved Kim Yun-seong at one point after hearing out his story and was interested in whether or not he chose to become in the eyes of others.

He is the father of Kim Poong.