Vital statistics
Species Trouble
Physical description
Gender Genderless
Hair color Blue
Further info
First appearance Trace 1.5 Communicator
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Character Edit

Sarang is the Trouble caught by Han Si-Hyun. After intoxicating Sarang with D&D, Han Si-Hyun is able to find out that Sarang does not have a specific gender. Like other Troubles, Sarang is very violent and aggressive towards Trace and human.

Story Edit

Sarang first appear in the story as a Trouble that Han Si-Hyun accidentally kidnap while he was intoxicated with D&D. Han Si-Hyun decides to run tests on Sarang after capturing Sarang to see whether or not Trouble can communicate with human. The name Sarang is given by Jung Eun which means love in Korean. As the story progress, Han Si-Hyun got close to Sarang to the point that Han himself considers Sarang to be his family. Han later learn from his secretary that the reason why the higher ups keep denying his proposal to communicate with Trouble is because human doesn't want to communicate with Trouble.