The Doctor
Trace the doctor
Vital statistics
Name The Doctor
Aliases Doctor, Monster, 
Group affiliation(s) The Government
Physical description
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Abilities Alternating Metallic Body, Dense Armored Skin.
Weapons Arm Blades, scalpel like ribs, pressure cannon in left palm & forged nails in the right, prehensile needle tipped cables from his arms.
Relatives Hee Jung, Daughter (deceased)

Wife (deceased)  Jeong Hee-sub, son (Alive)

Further info
First appearance Ch. 28
Last appearance Ch. 33
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a once regular human and a happy family man living peacefully in the beginning, his happy life and sanity deteriorated after he mutated into a trace himself. His Powers include an iron frame & super strength coupled with a metamorphic body and self-enhanced mutation.


the doctor used to be a regular human being who often invited his family to his work place atop the bank. he was a genius who used his intellect to achieve many great things eventually earning the notice of the top brass of the particular company he worked for, his main fields of science was the study and understanding of trace mutation and how it would occur in human beings.

what he never foresaw was that he would eventually mutate into a trace himself gaining various abilities of his own but eventually losing his mind in the process, in a fit of fear and paranoia of his own change into what he initially resolved to fix with his work and efforts coupled with the possibility of if word ever got out. He turned to making human beings mostly non traces into gratuitous experimental subjects to further his own research, his paranoia eventually consuming his mind completely causing a total fall into madness caused him to turn on his own family.

Initially stitching their mouths together to keep them from talking, much like he had done to Jeong Hee-sub, his eldest and only son in the beginning. and eventually just reducing his daughter and beloved wife to mere test subjects for more of his depraved research.

Hee-sub would have suffered the same fate had he not mutated into a trace himself and fled for dear life eventually running to one of the researchers at his fathers labs. After his son's escape Doctor has furthered his work into discovering and repressing Trace mutative progression but also ventured into refitting his entire facility from stem to stern in preparation for his son's eventual return which was on the money.