Trace is a South Korean webtoon (webcomic) series written and illustrated by manhwa artist Go Yeong-hun or known as his pen name, "Nasty Cat". It won the first prize and Netizen's Choice Award at the 1st SICAF International Digital Cartoon Competition held in 2006. Mr. Go was awarded with ten million won.

Thirty years ago, a mysterious species of creatures known as Troubles began a gradual invasion to conquer the Earth. However, entering the human world unleashes energy with an unexpected consequences: The creation of humans with mutant superpowers. Whether they gain their new abilities at birth or in the course of life, these rare humans are known by only one name—Traces. A Trouble always leaves behind a Trace.

One such Trace is Sa Ghang-gwon. His birth as a Trace killed his father and terrified his mother to such an extent that she fled for her life. Now, he must live a double life to protect his adopted family. By day, he plays the role of school wimp, but by night he's a Trouble hunter. All goes well until one day, a Trouble appears in his very own classroom and threatens Han Tae-eun his closest friend and family member.

Kim Yun-seong is another Trace, who acquired his mutant abilities during his early 30s. Soon after the acquisition, his wife and daughter were taken away from him for experimental purposes. All goes well until he loses contact with his family. There is an attempt at his life. Yun-Seong reports this to the police and finds himself a wanted man. He eventually finds where his family is but can't go in because of the Traces guarding the building. After almost getting killed, another Trace finds him and offers a plan to get into the building.


Trace is currently being adapted into a manga in Japan.

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